Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

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Sutomore, Montenegro

Sutomore Welcome to website. Sutomore is a small coastal town in Bar Municipality, Montenegro. In history, Sutomore was called Spizza in Venetian, when it was under the Republic of Venice from XV -XVIII century and belonged to the Albania Veneta, except for short-lived Ottoman occupations. The Austrian census of 1910 reports that there were Venetian speaking families in Spizza in the twentieth century. Today it is famous for its 2 km long sandy beach. Low prices (if compared with its neighbour Budva or Petrovac), along with easy access via Belgrade - Bar railway, makes it a very popular budget destination and extremely crowded during summer months. It is a favorite spot for day trips for young people from Podgorica, as it is only half an hour away, either by train or by car.